The Best Sports Bras for Every Workout


 Sports bras play an essential role in ensuring comfort during exercise. An excellent sports bra will boost your confidence and prepare you for that run, yoga class, spin class, or climb.

There are numerous features and styles to consider, ranging from mesh panels to racerback designs to padded inserts. However, selecting a sports bra intended for the intensity of your physical activity is critical. Continue reading to learn more about low-, medium-, and high-impact sports bras and how to choose the ideal style for your workout. 


High-Impact Workouts

A “high-impact workout” is any fitness activity requiring much movement. Jumping, aerobic workouts, jogging, kicking, and mountain biking are examples. A highly supportive sports bra is ideal for these strenuous workouts.

What Is a High-Impact Sports Bra?

This design reduces bounce while also keeping your breasts secure and confined. High-impact sports bras frequently use compression or encapsulation bra technology; the former foregoes distinct cups to compress both breasts firmly against your body. At the same time, the latter supports each breast individually and provides more definition. A combo bra combines both styles. Padded, high-impact sports bras can aid with containment.

What to Look for in High-Impact Sports Bras

When buying a high-impact sports bra, there are a few crucial elements to consider. Most importantly, you’ll want to guarantee a tight fit to minimize movement, including bouncing, during your workout.

Compression and encapsulation technology will greatly help if you have a decent fit. Some people, however, like the added support of underwire sports bras; the small wires underneath each cup can create more distinct separation and support, which is especially beneficial for larger busts.

Adjustable bras are particularly useful since they allow you to adjust the band and the straps for a more tailored, secure fit.

Sports Bras for Running

While running, a compression or encapsulation high-impact sports bra will support your breasts. Whatever sports bra you choose for this activity, ensure it minimizes breast movement and bounce.

Sports Bras for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

You should use a compression or encapsulation sports bra for this type of high-impact training. A racerback sports bra with a T-like curve in the back can also be beneficial; it allows for a broader range of motion and reduces the likelihood of slipping straps when moving your arms.

Sports Bras for Team Sports

When participating in team sports such as soccer, basketball, or softball, we recommend wearing a high-impact sports bra with compression and encapsulation technology. You use a racerback bra for easier arm movement, depending on the sport.

Sports Bras for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is sometimes less intense than the workouts mentioned above, but you’ll still want to wear a medium- to high-impact sports bra to minimize movement on those rough and rocky dirt paths.


Medium-Impact Workouts

Medium-impact routines are less strenuous than high-impact exercises. Your body is still moving, but more slowly and not at full capacity. Brisk walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, and spin classes are among the examples.

What Is a Medium-Impact Sports Bra?

While high-impact sports bras have strong compression and encapsulation features, medium-impact models are less severe. Medium-support bras will still restrict movement and provide support, but they will have more give, which generally results in improved comfort and adaptability.

What to Look for in Medium-Impact Sports Bras

Consider support, flexibility, and comfort when searching for medium-impact sports bras. Even if you don’t want as much compression, you want to feel supported.

Sports Bras for Jogging

We recommend a medium- to high-impact sports bra for jogging and brisk walking. (You might want more support if you have a larger bust.)

Sports Bras for Hiking

Flexibility and support should be your top priorities when looking for a hiking sports bra. A racerback style is particularly appealing since it allows for more arm movement and pairs well with a tank top.

Sports Bras for Cycling & Spinning

For on-road cycling and in-studio spinning, a medium-impact sports bra that feels comfortable and keeps your breasts contained is excellent. If you intend to move off-road, choose a high-impact sports bra instead.


Low-Impact Workouts

Low-impact workouts typically involve slower, less frequent movement. Examples include walking, strength training, barre, Pilates, and yoga.


Low-Impact Workouts

Low-impact workouts typically involve slower, less frequent movement. Examples include walking, strength training, barre, Pilates, and yoga.

What Is a Low-Impact Sports Bra?

Low-impact sports bras put comfort and flexibility first. Your breasts are still adequately supported throughout your workout, but there is usually minimal compression (if any) and no need for an underwire. In general, there will be fewer seams and clasps.

What to Look for in Low-Impact Sports Bras

When looking for this design, look for soft, buttery fabrics and straps that fit nicely and move with you. This category has more fashionable styles, such as strappy sports bras.

Sports Bras for Yoga

A yoga bra provides the ideal balance of security, softness, and flexibility. It’s frequently constructed as a pullover to eliminate the necessity for clasps and other types of fastening.

Sports Bras for Pilates & Barre

A comfortable, low-impact sports bra is ideal for activities that require you to move slowly and methodically, such as Pilates and barre. If you require additional support, choose a medium-impact sports bra instead.


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